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The Perfect Time

You know when you need to do something, but you want to wait for that perfect moment to do it? Or the perfect time? Or when the project is perfect, then you will show it to people?

I listened to three podcasts this week that said “Don’t wait for perfect, just do it.” Rick Clemons, Amy Porterfield and Shelagh Cummins all told me this during the week and I guess it is exactly what I needed to hear.

Is the perfect something holding you back too? Water aerobics is for everyone even if you feel imperfect and the benefits so outweigh the need for waiting that you can do this right now.

You don’t have a swim suit, wear shorts and a t-shirt.

Don’t have the money? Email Linda and ask for help from the scholarship fund.

Feel fat? Join the club because we all do.

You hurt too much? The water and movement helps the pain go away.

Too cold? All our pools are heated to perfection.

Might get your hair wet? Wear a cap or hat to protect it.

Don’t have time to get to one of our classes? Order our video at and do the classes in your own pool.

Our pools are filled with every size, shape, color, style, and ability. You will fit in! I promise! Our instructors are trained to help you feel secure and successful every single class. We are here to counsel you, hold your hand and encourage you. But you need to get over the perfect excuse and join us.

Call at 951-515-5597. Email at or go to our website and read all about us at

Now is the perfect time!

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