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Tight! Tight! Tight!

Someone asked me how to firm up their thighs and it made me think about the importance of the mind-muscle connection. It’s true that I, Linda, harp on you a lot about squeezing particular muscles during specific moves, really focusing on what you are doing and why. The why isn’t too hard because I know you all get so many amazing benefits from being in the pool where you are constantly pushing 15 times more weight than air. The how is a little more intricate.

It’s important to know that by squeezing muscles, not just doing the movement, but actually mentally focusing on squeezing the muscle, can increase intensity and efficiency. By focusing on proper form and the contraction of the muscle you can get more out of each repetition leading to better results over less time.

The person who asked how to improve their legs did what I recommended and came back the next time telling me that they were sore. The only change was that they consciously thought about squeezing their leg muscles on every movement. Wow! It’s that easy? YES!

How about a little more good news? When you actively engage your muscles, with purpose, you are preventing future injuries. You are creating better support for your joints and ligaments. This all transfers to land. You are stronger, with a more balanced joint system, helping you navigate your land based life better. It’s a rare day that you would get injured in the pool, but in our other world we trip, reach too high, reach too low, pick up items too heavy and risk injury.

So now I challenge you to focus on muscle contractions and see what this does to your workout effectiveness. Be present in the moment and pay attention to the sensations in your body and see if this leads to a more fulfilling and effective exercise experience. And of course, let us know! 

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