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What kind of aerobics do we teach?

If you are new to class, you might feel dizzy and confused with all the different class formats that I use.  My goal is to offer variety by using changes in intensity and style, use of different muscle fibers, use of different aerobic systems and diversion to make the hour fly by.

In the last 10 years, High Intensity Interval Training has exploded and I use it a lot in the water environment.  Basically HIIT uses short, intense exercise periods with small amounts of recovery.  This improves your cardio respiratory performance, is very effective for weight loss and weight management, and increases overall calorie burning during the day.

Some of my favorites are different timed versions.  Some days I’ll do 60 hard with 30 rest, or 40/30/20 with half of each being for rest.  Tabatas are really fun with 8 x 20 second sprints and 10 seconds of rest after each work session.  We do as many as 8 sets of these.  But, all of these formats can be ignored and you can choose to make it a steady state workout.

Steady state is when you do a medium intensity and stay in that range the entire work portion, usually 20 minutes or longer.  The heart is not challenged as hard, but it is easier when you are just beginning your new workout routine.  Never feel guilty for having to drop it down a bit and keep it steady.

Circuits are done when I have smaller classes.  I usually set up stations around the pool and you do each station for a set amount of time and then move to the next station.  This can be done at a steady state or you can really pump it up and then use the rest when you move to the next station.

Long and Short Lever day is fun.  I will do something with a long lever-or a movement from the shoulder or hip, and then a short lever – a movement coming from the knee or elbow.  It’s fun to see how these two different movements effect your muscles and heart rate.

I try to incorporate all of these formats over a 2 or 3 week time period.  It keeps you from getting bored.  If you have any questions about specific styles, feel free to contact me and I can explain them in more detail. See you at the pool!

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