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A Dream to Build Our Own Aquatic Center

When I get to the pool each morning, I see at least 15 people standing expectantly by the gate to get in, to work out, and to feel the results from moving their body in the water.  You know that we will push you, encourage you, love on you and help you be your best self.  I listen to your stories of losing weight, working in your garden, visiting with family and friends, feeling heard by us as you share your life, and it makes my heart and soul sing. 
Now, I want to build you an aquatic facility where you can continue to be appreciated and get the best possible workout from the best instructors in the country.
I want you to have a place to grow with all the positive physical and mental outcomes.
I want you to have a place that will help you stay in your homes with your neighbors, pets and gardens.
I want you to be able to get your physical therapy in the pool where it is most effective, bond with others who have traveled similar roads and share your growth with new clients coming to try us out.
I want you to bring your family to events, bring your grandchildren and great grandchildren to us for swim lessons.
How about a special needs class where we offer 30 minutes of quiet for clients who hate noise?
Classes that are provided for Veterans, cancer survivors, and other disabilities.
Workshops to continue our learning on all things that you love. 
This is the dream and having our own facility will make it a reality. Is this a hard journey, YES! But is it a needed product for our community of 371,000 of which we have thousands of people who need water based workouts, not just land based ones? 100% 
On April 24th at 1:30 we will meet at Goeske Center and I’ll share with you our vision and how we can work together to make it a reality. I’m going to reach out and have you consider your friends, family, corporate partners, skills and your own dreams of what we can provide if we build this fabulous facility together.   Please join us and let’s see if we can make this giant dream a beacon of health for our city.

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