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And the Survey Says...

I thought you might be interested in the survey outcomes. Just so you know, we collected no names, personal medical information that you didn’t want to share or emails. This was completely anonymous.  108 out of 576 total participants responded, so thank you to those who took the time to fill it out.  We will be doing this at least 3 times a year and using this information to apply for grants.  Your successes will be shared so that we can put it towards growing!

How has Aquamotion improved your ability to move?

68.5% said they can walk better and longer.

48.1% can go up and down stairs better

45.4% are able to stand up from a chair better

34.3% are able to get up off the floor better

14.8% reduced the use of their can or walker

This one made me happy:

67.6% find daily activities easier like walking the dogs, house and yard work and errands

75% have less pain in their joints. Yippee!

 And only 6.5 did not note any improvements since joining classes.

71.3% have lost weight or have improved body composition 

Regarding medication reduction or elimination:

Blood pressure: 6.5%

Cholesterol: 4.6

Diabetes: 2.8 

Other medications: 13%

But 52.8% have not reduced or eliminated medications so I think many of you need to have a chat with your doctors, do some blood tests and see if you can indeed reduce the need for these medicines.

And 26.9% do not take any medications which is fabulous, unless you are not getting to the doctor for your check-ups. Please do this at least once a year!

81.5% find that things are easier to carry showing improved strength. With 18.5 not noticing this positive effect.

I was hoping this one would be 100% because you stretch so much in class, but I’ll be happy with 85.2% feeling like they can move easier in class and 58.3% feeling like they can reach objects above and below their counters easier.  This is a wonderful ability and one of the things that will help you stay in your home independently for more years.

This one made my heart happy with 57.4% participants making and interacting with their fellow mermaids outside of class and 72.2% having friends in the pool. Best of all 76.9% feel like people notice when they are gone and express interest when they return to class.

Age ranges:

18-54: 8.3%

55-64: 32.4%

65-74: 41.7%

75-84: 17.6%

We do have a few older than this, but they did not respond. Marilyn Drake is 87 and we can all hope to be as active as her!

I love seeing that 55.6 of our clients attend more than 3 days a week which I will discuss in the next blog!

Again, thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions for us. We love all the successes and hope you keep them up, even when it’s raining and cold outside. 

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