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My Favorite No Cooking Recipe

I have to tell you that after all these months of covid jail, I’m so done with planning meals. Luckily, the whole family has chipped in to help, but I still do my best to get out of it. One of my favorite “meals” is from Trader Joes and it’s really easy.

1 package lentils- in the vegetable section, top shelf

1 tub of bruschetta-by the pizza sauce

1 container of feta chesse-I like the one with spices, but you could do low fat.

1 big spoonful of chopped garlic

Mix it all up and let it marinate for a bit and then you can:

Put it in a tortilla with some greens and meat of choice

Heat it as a dip for veggies

Add it to rice for a meal and add some sautéed veggies

Top a salad

One batch lasts us a few days. Boom!

What are some of your favorite easy recipes that we could share with all our Aquamotion friends?

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