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I’m Afraid

I’m afraid of putting on my swimsuit, walking from my towel to the pool, being embarrassed I can’t do a move correctly,  I can’t swim, that I can’t keep up and the list goes on.

First, know that everyone felt just like you when they started.  Anytime you face a fear, it can be a challenge both mentally and physically.  I want you to know that your instructor is there to help you be successful and feel confident that getting in the pool is the right thing for you.  The MOST important thing is to get here.  Facing that fear is huge.

Now that you are at the pool, let’s face all those other fears.

First, take an honest look at your friends.  I’m 99% sure you are not the only one who doesn’t look amazing in your bikini.  Luckily, you don’t have to wear a bikini and are welcome to wear something slightly less revealing and more comfortable.  If you don’t own a swimsuit, most aqua businesses are fine with shorts, a good bra and t-shirt.  Tighter clothes are better in the pool, because they have a tendency to float and you don’t want your t-shirt to pop over your boobs as you are running through the pool.  If you are in an outdoor pool, rash guards or UPF protection shirts are fantastic.  Again, buy them smaller so they stay tight on your body.

Second, when you are in the pool, your neighbor can’t see anything but your head and shoulders.  No one knows if you are doing the move right or wrong, except the instructor if they are on the deck.  I make sure I know every name in my class, so that I can correct things when I see them and help you be your best self.  This is not to embarrass you, but to make sure you don’t get injured in class.

Every move I do has a specific purpose whether it be for aerobic benefits or muscular strength and/or joint stability.  I welcome questions and if you are confused, please ask me what I’m doing or ask your neighbor. Most folks in my classes have been with me for years and know the routines pretty well.  The beauty of water workouts is that there is no such thing as “wrong”. Nothing in the pool will injure you and if you have an injury or weakness, just do the move smaller and slower until you get stronger.

Third, I would guess that over 50% of my clients can’t swim.  No worrying about this because we have a shallow end, we have floatations devices and there is always a lifeguard on deck, sometimes two if the class is really big.  Many of these non-swimmers begin their aerobics workouts in the shallow end.  Once their confidence develops, I see them meander a little deeper and often times they put on a belt and/or noodle and head for the deep water.  It is an exciting progression for me to watch, but know that if you want to stay in the shallow end forever, that is completely acceptable.

Finally, once you have signed up and shown up, give yourself a pat on the back.  You should feel very proud of yourself.  Taking baby steps is better than taking no steps.  I want you to be successful and feel amazing because you are moving like an athlete again.  You can enjoy your family more.  You will have more energy. You can eat good food with less guilt because you are burning 300-500 calories in my classes.  So, go get your towel, hat and sunscreen and join in all the fun

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