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Doctor Referrals

Before you begin any exercise program, it is highly recommended that you get the A-OK from your doctor.  Most of the time, they are going to be thrilled to see you making the choice to workout again and if it’s a knowledgeable doctor, they are going to be super excited to hear you are doing water aerobics.

I partner with a lot of physical therapists in the Inland Empire, who refer their clients to my program because they know the value of a water exercise workout and they know that I am trained to help them get better.

Recent surgeries can benefit from water aerobics, but it is very important that you get permission to enter the pool. Your wounds need to be closed and the doctor needs to release you to exercise.

You need to ask about any medical issues that might crop up if you are exercising again.  Diabetics need to understand their numbers and how they feel if they are getting low blood sugar.  They need to have a snack available and/or their insulin.  Make sure the instructor knows where these items are, and give them a heads up if you feel like you are going to crash.

We will discuss other medical issues soon, but the most important thing is that your doctor says “Go!”  If you have questions about any specific medical issues that relate to exercising in water, then please contact me and I’ll guide you.

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