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Water, Water, Water.

Not only are you surrounded by water, but I need you filled with water! I know you hate to get out of the pool to pee, but you must hydrate before, during and after your class. Most classes are very athletic and while you don’t know you are sweating, I promise that you are and you need water.

If you follow my workout instructions and put lots of energy into your workout, you could burn 300-500 calories. That’s a lot and that means you need fluids to rehydrate your muscles. A sip every 10-15 minutes would not be too much. I don’t mind you heading to the wall to drink, during my workouts and actually encourage you to do so. Don’t feel like you are wimping out by doing this.

My workouts are continuous. Some people can just keep on going, while others actually need the rest and getting water is a great excuse to take a break. I have so many age groups in the pool that I need to offer challenging workouts for every level, but I want everyone to feel that they can slow down to make it work for them. Drinking water is one of the keys to getting stronger. The rest will help you complete the workout and the water will rehydrate your tired muscles.

On that note, I hope to see lots of cute water bottles on the side of the pool!

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