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Step 1

Step one is to make a decision and it can be the scariest part of any journey.  My first step is creating this blog and putting words in it that will help my water aerobics participants and then, hitting the “send” button.  Your first step is to make a decision to get healthier and find a water aerobics class in your area.  Luckily, if you live in Riverside, California, you have Aquamotion Ability Foundation 

Our classes are for all ages, all levels and for people who want to be challenged and entertained. Every class during the week is different, but always includes aerobics, joint exercises for mobility and stability, resistance training and stretching.

I began my water aerobics journey when an instructor convinced me to give it a try in 1990. I poopooed it, but quickly realized, upon entering the pool, that this was a real workout. Now, I teach college age athletes, to senior citizens with every issue in the book. I have many certifications and specializations so that I can understand all my populations, but my goal is to make you LOVE water aerobics.

So, make that first step is to go to our webpage and select a pool and class time that work best for you at  All are welcome!  Please feel free to call if you need help with your first step. Linda Hicks 951.515.5597. Then, if none of these classes work for you we have one more option, videos! Order our video package and stream them in your own yard for a great workout. Check them out at

My next step is to help you be more confident with your choice. What do you wear? Will it be embarrassing? Will you hurt? What will your doctor think? Stay tuned and I’ll tell you.

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