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New Tricks

I am really enjoying training someone, with a true desire to learn everything I know, about water aerobics.  She is a newcomer to this industry, but she was addicted the first time she attended.  She never considered teaching aerobics, but was very excited when I suggested the idea to her.  What I love is seeing her study me and grasp everything so quickly.  I love seeing her take my advice and try to adjust her style to include my suggestions.  Changing her is not my goal, because I love her personality, but I’m tweaking a few things to her be successful.  I love that she was willing to take my challenge and is going to run with it as a representative of Aquamotion – Sports & Therapy.

This is also how I feel when I have new participants try this sport.  Helen began class a month ago.  She has been using a walker and brought that stooped posture into the pool.  I offered a few ideas to help her posture and now, she is walking tall, taking bigger steps and she is no longer in any pain.  A few weeks ago, Pam had to take care of her mother who kept falling down.  Pam was able to pick her up, multiple times, without injuring herself. She attributes her strength to water aerobics.  Sandra shuffled when she walked.  She listened to all my suggestions and is becoming more functional.  It is so exciting to see her take bigger and quicker steps with confidence.

I definitely don’t know everything, but I do know that water aerobics is amazing.  Finding others who can share the joy of the water’s power is exciting.  I now, almost, have two certified, instructors who are going to take my vision out into the City of Riverside and share our love of water.  This Summer, Shannon and Carlene will each have their own classes, with their own styles, but the same desire to bring fun to the pool.  The lesson learned is that you never know how much you are going to love something unless you try it.  All dogs can learn new tricks and so can we.

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