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Cramps are common. Usually these stem from lack of flexibility or dehydration.  Eating a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables can help with this.  Drinking lots of fluids throughout the day will help keep you hydrated and finally extra stretching outside of class is very helpful.  Leg cramps is one of the most common area to cramp.  When was the last time you stretched your calves?  You walk around all day, but never stretch them. Now, I encourage you to do so.

One technique for cramps is to press your knuckle at a 45 degree angle, into the corner between your nose and upper lip.  I guess lots of my seniors use this technique when they have night cramps. Some of my clients will do this during class and swear that it works.

One other option, with a doctors approval is the addition of extra quinine into your diet.  This can be found in club soda water or you can purchase “cramp pills” over the counter at most stores.

Bee stings are a possibility in an outdoor pool.  Clients with an Epi-pen, must tell the instructor where their pen is located in case they get stung.   If they have never been stung before, they need to monitor how they are feeling and advise them to call 911 if they are beginning to have breathing issues.

Some of you have nitro glycerin tablets for heart issues.  You need to make sure that you tell the instructor where they are. Usually, these are on a key ring or connected to their purse or bag.  Instructors need to know this information.

So basically, any medical condition that you have should be brought up to the instructor.  We need to keep an eye on you and make sure all is well every day.

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