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Make New Friends

September seems the perfect time to bring up this old Girl Scout song. School is back in session and I asked my children to please go up to a new person in school and make them feel welcome. I tried to get them to remember the feeling of being a new kid in school, afraid, uncertain, friendless and make sure that any new children around them didn’t feel that way.

This also works in the pool. This month is full of new faces and friends and I ask that you reach out and help them feel welcome to our class. Remember your first week when you had to put on a bathing suit that you hadn’t looked at in years. When you looked in the mirror and almost talked yourself out of driving down to the pool. When you finally arrived at the pool and had to take off your cover-up and walk into the water and you were positive that everyone was staring at you. When you touched the water and felt unstable as you traveled through it. When you find a spot near a friendly face or maybe, tried to be invisible and didn’t look anyone in the eye.

You were facing so many of your own demons and I want to make sure that you help our new participants face their fears and don’t suffer. Welcome them. High five their success of getting here. Smile at their attempts to try new moves. Offer kind help if they look lost or confused. Encourage them to keep on trying and not to give up because this the absolute best workout in the world. Share your success stories or introduce them to someone with a similar journey.

Everyone is here for similar reasons. We want to get strong, be healthy, get rid of our pain, lose some weight and enjoy our workouts. I do my best to entertain you, challenge you and use every muscle, but I need you to help each other feel welcome and loved.

So, reach out, make a new friend and let’s get fit

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