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I am sitting

It’s a forced sit, but I am doing it so that my wound can heal.  Last year I began having weird leg pains.  These weren’t the ones that I created doing tons of squats and lunges, it was down my butt, hamstring and ankle. Eventually, my toes began going numb.  I went to a back doctor complaining about my hip. I just felt like it had to be connected to my back by the way the muscles were hurting.  X-rays showed some spinal misalignment, but nothing that would cause my pain.  He suggested a hip doctor.  This one suggested a hip MRI and nothing was wrong with my hip.  He suggested blood tests to rule out auto-immune diseases.

I waited a few more months, really getting serious about foam rolling and stretching every single morning.  I woke up early just to walk and get all that in before I began teaching.  It seemed to help the muscle pain, but the weird pain was not subsiding so I finally tried another back doctor.  He recommended an epidural.  It lasted 4 days and that’s when he decided on a back MRI and what did we find… a huge cyst compressing my spine.  He couldn’t believe I was able to walk, let alone teach 14 classes a week, ride my bike 100+ miles a week and do water aerobics.

So, Wednesday night, a back surgery was scheduled for the next morning.  I walked out of the hospital when it was done and now I feel amazing! The wound hurts, but all the pain in my legs is gone. I promised everyone that I would rest this weekend, which means I’m forced to sit down and get some of my paperwork done.  I have a few books to read and study, plus I have dogs that seem to need a lot of attention while I’m home.

What have I learned from this? Mostly, don’t give up on finding an answer to your issues.  Don’t ignore pain because it is trying to tell you something is wrong.  Get more opinions if one doesn’t work.  Be your own best advocate.  If you need help, ask.  While I believe many things are resolved by exercise and good diets, there are some issues that need a more medical approach.  So, sit down and make the calls you need to, right now, and then get to the pool to do your preventive maintenance with Aquamotion.  See you Monday.

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