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I am NOT putting on that swimsuit!

Does the thought of putting on a swimsuit give you heart palpitations? Is this the reason you think you could never take a water aerobics class?

Fear not! You don’t have to wear a swimsuit. Don’t let this little detail be the thing that stops you from doing the one exercise that could be the most life changing thing that has happened in your adult life.

You can wear a thinner pair of shorts, or tights that cut off near the knee. You could wear a t-shirt with a bra top underneath. Many of us wear rash guards to protect our skin from the sun, so who knows what they wear under that. Our only suggestion is not to wear jeans or other really heavy material clothing which can create a lot of drag.

The saddest comment I hear is “I don’t want to be the fattest person in the pool”. This breaks my heart because while it could happen, most people are so worried about themselves that they don’t even notice your weight issues. We are all just going through our own story and this is what you need to remember as you enter the pool deck. Once you are in the pool, no one will know whether you are fat or thin because they can’t see you under water.

Here is how I recommend you overcome this fear:

  1. Decide that your weight is not going to stop you from getting the best workout of your life.

  2. Wear a big dress or shirt as you enter the pool area and place your items on the bench.

  3. Keep the dress or shirt on as you go to the restroom.

  4. When you are ready to enter the pool, remove the dress or shirt and step in with confidence.

  5. Once you are in the water, love everything about your body and what it is able to do.

  6. Don’t overwork yourself the first few times. You need to build up your strength, stamina and balance, so be patient with yourself.

  7. When you exit the pool, you will feel very heavy. Walk carefully back to your towel and put your dress or shirt back on.

  8. Make sure to drink lots of water after class so you stay hydrated and finally:

  9. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

This is a huge hurdle for so many and I really want you to know that Shannon, Kris, Carlene and I are here to help make this journey as positive and effective as possible for everyone. We are here for you.

In conclusion: Water aerobics is perfect you for because even though you are larger than many people on dry land, in the water you are Larger Than Life, and you will love it!

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