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Aquamotion is growing! After a rough year back in 2012, I have finally found my backbone and am stretching again.  I filled out our paperwork to become non profit and have been approved.  I still have lots more paperwork, but we are getting closer to finalizing with all the agencies who need information.

The fun part is seeing the vision come to life.  Our goal is to educate every senior citizen and disabled person about the power of a water aerobics class and take one with a trained instructor.  I’m now hunting for grants to help bring this vision to reality.  I can actually hear my muscles popping as I stretch!

I am actively hunting for more pools where we can have more classes and hopefully, some personal training opportunities.  Some of you need a more personalized approach with your body issues and we want to be able to create a program that focuses on just you.

We are also looking into a program for young, special needs clients.  These classes would be smaller and focused at their developmental level.  I teach one at RCC now and love it.  I would like to expand that to other pools in the area.

All this stretching and growing is very exciting, but I want my present participants to know that we love you dearly and want you to continue your program. And while I know the pool is a bit crowded, this only helps the City to realize that we need more water.   So keep showing up and keep sharing your love of Aquamotion to all your friends.

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