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I decided to do a survey last week.  I asked basic questions about how people felt before and after they tried water aerobics. How they felt during the class and what their favorite thing about my water classes.  The answers have been so powerful and heartwarming.  Many of my participants led very sedentary lives and had pain everywhere.  Many just didn’t have a regular workout routine where they could feel successful.  Others were embarrassed by how they looked and didn’t really want to show off what years of inactivity had done to their bodies.

When they finally made a decision to try water aerobics, the most amazing result was almost a miracle in my mind – 100% felt better!  The simple act of making a decision, putting on swimming clothes and entering the water, brought immediate relief from so many of their ailments. A few weeks into their routine and many of their pains were gone.

With my classes at Aquamotion, they also got challenged and were offered variety, which was one of the favorite things about my program. They love that every class is a little different, so they don’t get bored.

It is such a wonderful feeling to read these surveys and know that what I am doing is working.  I am touching peoples lives and making a difference.  One of the things I talk about often is being more functional and this survey showed me that what I am doing is working.  I love my “job”.

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