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David’s Story

When I first enrolled at Aquamotion I was overweight and in poor physical health. At 63 years old, and 5’10, I weighed upwards of 240lbs, wore a XXX shirt and had a 44 inch waist. I did not go anywhere such as shopping or walks with my wife as I was worried about having to rest every hundred yards. I didn’t exercise, and smoked two packs of cigarettes a day. I developed C.O.P.D. gained a lot of weight. I was on Wellbutrin twice a day just to try and get motivated to get out of bed.

I could not walk 30 ft. without an inhaler, and I was on inhalers to manage the symptoms of asthma. Symbicort opens the large bronchii, Ventolin helps the smaller airways and I was on both.

My A1C blood sugar was 7.9 and climbing. I was a Type 2 diabetic heading into insulin dependency. My blood pressure was constantly high, even with medications. My doctor prescribed two medications to control it, with nominal success.

My wife got the Explorer Guide produced by the Parks and Recreation Department of the City of Riverside where they have a section on activities for seniors. She pointed out the fact that I might get some benefit from Aquamotion – Water Aerobics and Sports Therapy classes.

Since I’ve had 2 back surgeries, I needed a workout that was no-impact, so I thought why not. If I don’t like it I don’t have to go back.

I called Linda at Aquamotion and began taking classes at Tyler Springs Senior Apartments with Carlene as our instructor. Carlene was inspirational in all of our classes, and very upbeat. I had to grab this lifeline, so to speak, and Aquamotion was there, with exactly what I needed.

I began eating healthy and cut back my smoking in mid-May. I quickly shed weight. I went from 240 to 195 the first month! I took three classes a week and it was not difficult to perform all the exercises. I just showed up and did what I was told. I followed the diet that was recommended to me at my diabetic classes. I did all these things in moderation and I pushed away from the table.

My blood pressure went from high to normal. My blood sugar is nearly back to normal, from Type 2 to pre-diabetes, with the A1C in the low 6’s.

I no longer need to use the Ventolin “rescue inhaler.” My lungs are now strong enough to handle the intensity of the classes. I still take Symbicort twice a day, as there is nothing we can do to repair or regrow my lung damage, but it’s way better living, moving and breathing in this new body.

I now go with my wife and enjoy our time together. I get exercise here at home, and have the energy to do things, like play ball with my dogs, go for walks, or water the lawn. The simple pleasures in life.

I owe my health and disposition to Aquamotion, and the instructors that work with us.

I have so much gratitude for Linda, Carlene, and Shannon.

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