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Crazy Summertime!

Summer at Aquamotion  is crazy!  There are new folks that finally decide it’s warm enough to get in the pool and it gets crowded. My goal is to keep them the entire year and I need my present participants to help me.  I know it’s crowded. I know it’s annoying to have people drift into your personal bubble. I know it’s hard to maneuver with all the bodies in the pool, but I need you to help me build this program so that I can beg for my pool time.  This only happens with your help.

The pool is full of new faces and friends and I ask that you reach out and help them feel welcome to our class. Remember your first week when you had to put on a bathing suit that you hadn’t looked at in years?  When you looked in the mirror and almost talked yourself out of driving down to the pool. When you finally arrived at the pool and had to take off your cover-up and walk into the water and you were positive that everyone was staring at you. When you touched the water and felt unstable as you traveled through it. When you find a spot near a friendly face or maybe, tried to be invisible and didn’t look anyone in the eye.

Some of the new folks don’t know you have a “spot”, so be patient and kind.  There is plenty of water and you actually only need 6 square feet of space to do water aerobics. Be open to moving over or help them find the proper depth for them.  Bust to waist is the proper level, so encourage shorter folks to move up a bit…nicely!

And remember, this is only for 8 weeks.  I have another pool if the crowd really makes you distressed.  Mid-August will be here quickly, so hang in there and be prepared to make lots of new friends!

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