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Carlene Gets Real

What do you do when your expectations are hit by a dose of reality? I have to be honest, that after 8 weeks of recovery, I thought I would be walking with minimal to no pain. I thought I would be able to participate in water aerobics at my previous crazy intensity. I thought I would be able to walk around the block, jog, hike and yes, even get back on a bike. I expected pain after surgery and even during the 6 weeks of recovery. I expected some muscle atrophy and that’s why I got back in the pool as soon as my doctor ok’d it, so I could build those muscles back up. What I also expected was to be close to 100% recovered at this point. My doctor made it seem that if I followed his recommendations for 7 weeks, I would be back to normal when I was able to bear full weight on my leg. Sure, I was sore and stiff and had pain, but I could push through that. I went for a few walks around the block and I even got on Linda’s stationary bike twice this past weekend. By the way, it was the best workout I’ve had since I broke my hip! I thought I was recovering well. But then Monday hit and I was in so much pain I could barely walk. What the heck???! Did I overdo? Possibly.

Reality is I can’t walk around the block. Not without a lot of pain. I can’t do water aerobics at a crazy intensity. I can’t hike. I can’t jog. I can’t bike. Frustrating…for this active girl? DEFINATELY YES!

I could choose to focus on what I can’t do, and honestly, I have my moments. Pain sucks! Normal things that I used to do now hurts. Watching others walk so easily or kick their leg to the side without effort or pain makes me worry that I may never get that back. My life is not what it was 2 months ago.

Sure, I could choose to focus on what I can’t do. BUT, today, I choose to focus on what I can do. I can swim. I can teach my classes. I can participate in physical therapy. I can drive. I can encourage others not to give up. For that I am grateful!

What can you do??? Focus on that and be encouraged that you are moving forward to healthier you!

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