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The Aquamotion Team is headed by Linda Hicks who began her love of aerobics in 1981.  Water Aerobics became her passion in 1991 and the rest is history.  Shannon Kelly Jones joined the team in 2009, seeing our vision and wanting to be a part of it.  Carlene Sawyer began coming to class in 2017 and a year later decided that teaching was her goal and she has become a guiding force in helping Aquamotion into a non-profit 501 (C)(3) corporation and forging our mission of helping every senior citizen and person with a disability learn about the power of water aerobics.  Kris Wilson recently retired and in 2019 decided that she wanted to be a part of our dream.  We began small and now we are at multiple pools in the Inland Empire with hundreds of participants and an equal amount of success stories.  If you are interested in joining our instructor team, please email us and we will get the process started. 


Why Water Aerobics?

It can help with

Strength & Endurance

Strength is increased due to the resistance of the water while doing exercises.

Increasing Functional Skills

Water works the core and stabilizes the joints making land based life easier. 

Joint Mobility

Exercising in water is low impact reducing stress to joints and bones. 

Flexibility & Range of Motion

Buoyancy in water decreases the effects of gravity allowing for greater ease of exercise so you to have wider range of motion, increasing your flexibility. 

Weight Loss

You can burn up to 400 calories during a one hour water aerobics class. 

And It's Fun!

*Multiple class formats

*Lots of fun toys

*Meet new people and make friends!



"I walk better, move better, feel amazingly stronger and taller due to a much better core. I've lost 12 pounds and lots of inches."

— Alma S.

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