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Water Works

I live in Southern California’s Inland Empire and this week is hot. Not only is it hot, but it’s humid too.

I had to teach five classes yesterday. Knowing I would suffer if I taught from a deck, I selected workouts that would challenge my participants and allow me to hop in and out of the pool without disrupting their activity.

For my 8:10 am class, I chose Tabatas. It was great being in the pool with my swimmers and challenging them face to face. I worked so hard that I was panting hard towards the end – but of course I loved every minute.

For my next three classes, I chose the pyramid format and again stayed in the pool with my clients. We worked hard in the baking sun, but the beauty of water aerobics, is that it neutralizes whatever weather we are having at the moment. This moment was hot and humid, but the pool was the perfect temperature for working hard. And we did.

My final workout was private training in a home pool. I instructed from the water and could do corrections on posture by gently touching muscles to remind him exactly where he should squeeze. I jogged the entire time, or did egg beaters in the deep end without a noodle.

Once I got home to do paperwork (with lots of sitting), I started feeling the effects of my efforts. I don’t recommend working out at high intensity for 4.5 hours, and every time I rose up out of the chair, I knew why. Ouch! My butt was so sore.

Now it’s the following morning and just about every single muscle in my body is sore, but that’s the theme of this message: Water aerobics works. I worked my heart, lungs and all my muscles. I don’t want you to work out all day, but know that even one hour is amazing.

All I want you to do is move! Water aerobics is the kindest, most powerful method I know for every age and every ability. You will move better and feel better even if you just get wet!

If you live in the Inland Empire we have lots of class options for you and you can see them on the calendar at

If you don’t live near me or don’t want to join a group, then we have videos that just came out. It’s like having me on your pool deck teaching a private session. Go here for the videos.

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