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The New Safe You

Safety is important for most of us but it gets more critical as we get older. Seniors tend to become more unstable and have conditions that put them at greater risk. Many of those individuals are in our pools for those very reasons and reap the rewards of a stronger core, higher metabolism, increased rush of endorphins, ability to successfully lose weight and lower many of their medications. The best part is they can’t fall down in the pool and get hurt.

What do we do when a pandemic enters the picture? Of course, all the pools get closed and now we have seniors losing all these fantastic benefits of the water environment.

That’s where your favorite, senior loving, crazy instructor enters with a bow!

I am designing workouts with my mermaids and mermen in mind. Simple and effective workouts that you can do from a chair, standing or go crazy and add a few hops to really bump it up. I suggest you have a chair nearby for balance. If you saw me teach today, you saw me use the chair when I was doing some kicking movements. I don’t want to fall and get hurt and neither do you, so be prepared and have what you need to keep your balance.

None of these workouts require anything fancy. I’m using items from your pantry that are easy to hold, don’t weigh too much, but will challenge you if you want it.

All the workouts are designed for the week include either aerobics, resistance or balance. I do recommend you wear supportive shoes and have some water nearby. You know I’m probably going to make you sweat, so a towel might be nice too.

On top of this class, I also recommend a walk outside to get some fresh air. Wear your mask, take your phone in case you get in a situation where you need to call for help and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.

The most important thing is to not lose all the good results that you got from working out in the water regularly. And if you are thinking “I’ve already lost it, so why bother”, you are wrong because you built a base of power and you just need to keep moving to keep strong.

In conclusion, we want you to be safe and we know that water is the safest place for you to exercise, but until then, join me for some land exercise and I'll do my best to help you stay fit safely.

Please call me, email me or text me if you have any questions or concerns regarding our workouts. We have classes on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube so pick a few you like and get moving!

What is your favorite workout so far?

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